Mobile Clinics

Mobile Units

The Trucking Wellness team is incredibly proud to announce the improvement of our Trucking Wellness Programme via the purchase of new mobile Wellness Centres, which includes a number of sleek Ford Rangers and Mercedes Benz Vito’s to compliment the current onsite health screening services delivered through the converted Sprinters. This is a more innovative way of looking after our valued stakeholders in the trucking industry as we are now able to work on a system where we book a vehicle for ten days at a time and then service all companies within that specific region. As a result, we will increase our efficiency and be able to serve more companies than ever before and work towards a healthier and more vibrant trucking industry.

The robust Ford Rangers and Vito’s operate differently to the Sprinters as they are only used for the transport of stock and personnel whereas the Sprinters are used specifically as testing centres. Once on site, Trucking Wellness gazebos are erected as additional testing centres. Again, this new operating model will allow Trucking Wellness to function far more efficiently and cost-effectively. This is an exciting time for us, as we believe that this will lead to increased awareness around health risks, which will in turn lead to a healthier and more productive workforce.

If you would like representatives from Trucking Wellness to visit your office for a Wellness Day, please contact Chris on 011 914 1610/1611/2104 or email


Mobile Services

The services that our staff are able to provide individuals with includes a number of primary healthcare services. These include, among others:

  • HIV Counselling and Testing
  • Measure blood pressure (BP)
  • Random blood glucose test (Sugar/Diabetes)
  • Random blood cholesterol testing
  • Body Mass Index testing (BMI)
  • Malaria testing
  • TB Screening & STI Screening
  • Condom distribution