Wellness Fund

Wellness Fund Health Plan

Concerned by the rising HIV/AIDS statistics, parties of the NBCRFLI negotiated an agreement to provide anti-retroviral
treatment, training and education to road freight industry employees who fall within the Councils registered scope.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our new service provider, Affinity Health, for its Wellness Fund Health
Plan. The appointment, which came into effect on 1 January 2015, means that all eligible NBCRFLI employee
members will receive even better benefits and health services. These services also extend to two of their eligible
spouses. This includes: NB these benefits are based on those that will be implemented as of 1 March 2016.

GP Consultations per eligible member and spouses are unlimited with pre-authorisation required after the fifth
consultation. For assistance to find your network GP before your 1st consultation, call Affinity Health on 0861 00 11 31.
You can also send a “please call me” to 079 409 1834 and Affinity Health will call you back.

Acute Medication is unlimited, per eligible member and spouses. Please call Affinity Health Customer Care at 0861 00
11 31 so we may direct you to the nearest pharmacy.

Radiology is unlimited.

Pathology is unlimited.

Emergency Medical Services are available 24/7 by phoning the nu mber provided on the membership card.

Hospital Indemnity Benefit is for actual costs of hospitalisation, if admitted due to an accident, up to the maximum
amount of R75 000 per incident. Please phone the pre-authorisation number for a Guarantee of Payment, per eligible
member, eligible spouse and eligible children.